Game Info
Character Stats

Primary attributes

Primary attributes determine your character's effectiveness in combat.

Strength (STR)

Used in the determination of your attack value. Also determines how much weight you can carry.

Each point invested in Strength:

  • Increases damage dealt with weapons and fists.
  • Increases player backback capacity by 1 stone.

Agility (AGI)

Used in the determination of your stamina pool.

Each point invested in Agility:

  • Increases stamina pool.
  • Increases attack speed at 15, 30 and 45 AGI.

Intelligence (INT)

Used in the determination of your mana pool and power value.

Each point invested in Intelligence:

  • Increases mana pool.
  • Increases damage dealt with Evocation spells.

Constitution (CON)

Determines your maximum health.

Each point invested in Constitution:

  • Increases maximum HP.

Wisdom (WIS)

Reduces damage taken from magical spells.

Each point invested in Wisdom:

  • Increases chance to dodge damaging spells. (Game description is incorrect)

Will (WILL)

Reduces the chance you will be stunned.

Each point invested in Will:

  • Increases chance to dodge stun effects.